About Me

I am an eclectic mix of everything that made up my so-far life.

I was born and raised in an Asian country but I choose to live in Australia.

I like thin crust pizzas and spaghetti with sugo. I also like roast duck on rice. Though not all on the same plate.

My friends are like my family and my family are… well, my family.

I am a hippie dressed in a yuppie’s clothes but I don’t meditate much – I tend to fall asleep when I do.

I speak with my hands – both like an Italian and also like a writer. In my short life as a human being, I’ve won three writing awards – my first when I was 16, my second when I was 22 and my third when I was 23. And no – my uncle was not a judge in any of them.

I like to create something out of nothing – stories, pictures, even websites and apps for phones.

I watch people a lot – though not in a creepy way.

I find smiling to be a wonderful exercise but not as fun as laughing out loud.

Books are my greatest love.

Human psychology intrigues me.

I believe imagination trumps knowledge and action trumps intention.

I believe in God. I also believe in guardian angels – I’ve met many of them in my time.

I believe that the only thing that is real in the world is love – love for one’s self and love of each other.

I believe that we are all here for a purpose much greater than ourselves.

What about you?