Tips on Writing

Since I am a writer, I have plenty to say about the subject matter of writing – naturally.

I did not go to writing school. I don’t have a degree in literature. I just happen to have won three writing awards early on in life, that’s all.

Nobody taught me about the mechanics of writing, which is a real blessing. I would hate to be constrained by rules when it comes to expressing myself. It’s like being told how to laugh, how to arrange my facial expression when I smile or where to put my hands when I talk.

Rules are bad for writing. When it comes to creative work, I have only one rule – there are no rules!

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult. To make the process easy and fun, I share some tips here:

If you have a question, send it to me. I’ll do my best to answer it. Just remember that I’m a rogue writer.

I don’t play by the rules taught in writing school. I only play by my own rules. So should you.